Atlanta Moving Guide

by Glennda Baker, Realtor

Does 2019 include a move to Atlanta for you? Being an Atlanta native, I guess I am a little biased; I cannot understand why everyone doesn’t live here to start with! The endless job opportunities, great schools and year-round beautiful weather that incorporates all of the seasons, makes it like hitting the jackpot on the road of life to have the opportunity to relocate to Atlanta.

Any move can be overwhelming; breaking down the move into bite-sized pieces is key.
First off, get a feel for the city and how it lays out. What are your hobbies? Your interests? Where are you going to be spending most of your time?  Start from where you are going to be working and ripple out from there. I always tell clients to get lost in the city.  I mean exactly that - travel without your GPS and discover streets and neighborhoods without a destination in mind.

I love Saturday afternoon to meander through the towns - if you can see yourself kicked back enjoying a cookout here, investigate more. Find a neighborhood hotspot and sit at the bar for a meal and chat with the locals. It’s the south, in general, we want to tell you all about our great city! I often suggest to clients to do an Airbnb in the area that interests them. It’s like taking a test drive in the neighborhood before you buy.

Once you’ve narrowed down the area, you’ll have to figure out your style! Atlanta offers affordable housing in a multitude of shapes and sizes. House hunting in Atlanta is like finding a treasure chest around every corner. Whether you’re looking for new construction or a resale, understanding the building codes and neighborhood restrictions will rank up near the top of the list of importance. Your most valuable tool on the moving checklist will be the engagement of a REALTOR that is intimately familiar with the nuances of the area. There is no better resource than an experienced real estate professional.

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Glennda Baker, a season REALTOR with over 26 years of experience in the Atlanta market. Ranking in the top ½ percent of real estate professionals in the world with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Glennda is renowned for her local expertise and global connections. Recognized as an industry expert Glennda is a sought after real estate panelist and national speaker.