Duluth Has The Best Desserts

8 Fahrenheit Ice Cream
My favorite type of dessert is anything with cake or ice cream! My other favorite dessert is any type of authentic, Indian sweet desserts. Snow Flake Desserts and coffee shop in Duluth, on Pleasant Hill Road, is my favorite.

Snowflake Desserts

They have the best tea, crepes, and ice cream desserts. You then can top them with fruits, candy, and boba!

Mac Lab in Pleasant Hill Duluth, Ga is definitely a place you have to go! They have a variety of different macaroons. My favorite the Salted Caramel Latte. Caramel is probably my favorite drink in any coffee shop. I also love Gokul Sweets in Decatur, Ga. They have the best Indian Sweets in town with all types of flavors and fruits. Then, there's 8 Degree Fahrenheit in Chamblee or Duluth. My favorite is the rolled up ice cream with toppings. Add, my favorite, their delicious strawberry and candy toppings.

More about Farjana Khalil: As a little girl, my dad used to take me and my brother everywhere around different counties, cities, states, and countries. We explored, lived life, and mainly did our favorite thing of trying new food. We would cook our family meals or go to a restaurant, and eat together. We still do! My favorite type of food would be my home food, which is Bengali Food. The rice, the fried goodies, the people, the culture, the clothing, and just everything in general. In my perspective, each Culture has its' own vibe. In all honesty, I love exploring and trying new things all the time. Whether it's with others, or by myself, I will still go regardless. I enjoy exploring my city Atlanta, and its' finest coffee shops, dessert places, restaurants, and just places to hang out, grab a bite and relax.