enra - Japanese Dance Collective @ Ferst Center

enra, the Japanese dance collective brings their contemporary performance, Dreams, to Atlanta next month. enra's performances combine human movement synchronized with bright, animated projected digital graphics and music and transport audiences to futuristic and fantastical worlds. The members of enra include specialists in martial arts, rhythmic gymnastics, popping, classical ballet, diabolo juggling, and street dance. With contextual references to space travel, Japanese pop culture, cinema, video games, and even astrology, enra captures the postmodern and eclectic spirit of sprawling, contemporary Tokyo. It is precisely the universality and freshness of enra's work that creates instant and surprisingly emotional connections with audiences of all demographics and age groups.

The group has been captivating audiences around the world including, notably, performances at the Cannes Film Festival in France, America's Got Talent and the 2015 Japan Society dance showcase. They have performed in over 28 countries and now we finally get to enjoy their show in Atlanta. Check out enra's official website here: https://enra.jp/en/

Japanese Dance Collective 'enra' will perform at Georgia Tech's Ferst Center for the Arts on Friday, March 27, 2020. Get your tickets here: https://arts.gatech.edu/content/enra-dreams

Here is just a sprinkling of images from enra's shows, provided by the group.