My Favorite Food & Bev in Atlanta

by Chef Jarrett Stieber

Honestly, my wife and I do a lot of our dining out on Buford Highway, which is

pretty common for people in this industry. Some of our absolute favorites are:

-Northern China Eatery for soup dumplings, all sorts of vegetable dishes and spicy stews
-Yet Tuh for Korean food that isn’t grilled at the table bbq
-Pho Bac for Pho
-Lee’s Bakery for Bahn Mi
-El Taco Veloz for tacos and El Rey Del Taco for tacos after 10 pm or so

Another spot we love that isn’t directly on Buford but fits in the same vein is

Shoya Izakaya, as well as their sister restaurant Ginya. Hiro Endo, who runs their sushi programs, is a total badass and sources some of the highest quality fish in town, yet serves it in a way that doesn’t break the bank to eat.

We also go to Bread and Butterfly often because we can bring our dog,

Fernando, there and still get amazing, healthy food and interesting wines instead

of the usual basic bar food at most place that are dog friendly. I also love Nick

Leahy’s cooking, which is so straightforward and focused. He just opened Aix

and Tin Tin on the Westside and they’re as beautiful of spaces as the food is

delicious! Bocca Lupo is another restaurant that always knocks it out of the park

– Bruce Logue is the real deal. Tiny Lou’s was probably the best meal we had in

the last calendar year, too. Can’t say enough about the food, stellar hospitality

and pastry program… really something special going on there!

One more that hasn’t opened but I’m super excited for is Redbird, Zeb

Stevenson’s forthcoming restaurant. He’s been one of my favorite chefs in town

for a long time and I’m so pumped to see him open his own space and serve

exactly the food he wants to serve.

I supposed I should also mention cocktails while I’m at it… Kimball House andWatchman’s are fantastic, obviously, and Mercedes O’Brien’s drink program at Gunshow is so good words can’t even do it justice. I’ve really liked my drinks at

Little Spirit both times I’ve gone, too!

Catfish Sausage, Tagliatelle, and Gnudi by Chef Jarrett Stieber

After cooking in Atlanta for about ten years, I began running Eat Me Speak Me as a pop up restaurant and speakeasy mostly by accident... one thing led to another and it became a full time job that took on a life of it's own. Now, after six years of running EMSM, I'm finally fortunate enough to be opening my first brick and mortar restaurant, called Little Bear. Be on the lookout!

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